The Stork spraying drone is born as the perfect complement to all existing phytosanitary treatment machinery.

It is a durable, reliable, easy to operate and maintain machine, capable of working for long periods of time, under the most adverse conditions.

This fumigator UAV makes it possible to overcome the problems that professionals in the sector could encounter (e.g. access difficulty due to orographic features, adverse weather conditions which prevent transit through certain areas, access to flooded areas to avoid machine activity through crops, etc.).

The existence of an ecological connotation can also be noted: for instance, the specific and accurate treatment of certain areas, on plagues only affecting part of the area that we want to treat, with the consequent economic and environmental benefits that this entails.

The application of our RPA is not only aimed at an agricultural context; since it is extremely versatile, it can provide solutions to both forestry and public health problems.

Electric or gasoline powered Stork Drone

The Stork Drone is available in two different versions; electric-powered or gasoline-powered: the STORK STORK-G and the STORK-E.






Two fumigating systems to choose from

We offer two types of fumigation systems: CERES CERES SPL-01 and SAL-01:

Fumigation system

This model is equipped with nozzle spray systems. It is designed for specific treatments by means of quick product discharges. Therefore, it is perfect for the treatment of the red palm weevil or mosquitos.

Atomization system

This model is equipped with an atomization system, and it is designed for Ultra Low Volume (ULV) treatments. It is used on plagues such as the pine processionary or mosquitos.